Welcome, MentorCore


We are elated to welcome MentorCore and bring their enormous corpus of content to the Distilling Security family. Founders Daniel Ayala and Lisa Beth Lentini Walker brought meaningful discussions with those who led and worked in the “Guardian Fields”, including Information Security, Corporate Governance, Privacy, Risk, Compliance, and Ethics.

These video and audio interviews had an industry focus but also were intent on capturing the health and wellness side of working in these fields. With each episode ending by asking the guest, “What’s the most valuable thing you ever learned from a mentor?” listeners can genuinely understand the impact mentoring can have on both the mentee and the mentor.

Beginning as a live video show in 2020 during the heart of COVID lockdowns, MentorCore evolved into an interview podcast with guests from across the industry.

All episodes are available on the MentorCore YouTube channel, and the podcast editions (2021-2022) can be subscribed to in your favourite podcast application or on the Distilling Security website.

During this transition, we found a few unreleased episodes that will launch in early 2024, so subscribe to both the YouTube channel and the audio podcast to get them when they land.

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