Founders of Distilling Security, Erik Wille, Daniel Ayala, and Brian Schneble.

Launching Distilling Security


When Erik, Brian, and I started discussing what would become The Great Security Debate in the weeks leading up to COVID, we had some bigger plans in mind, too. The idea of using the burgeoning mediums of podcasts, video, and live events to bring even more was discussed from the beginning. The live events part was not in the cards for the next few years, but now it is, and we want to start moving on it.

We are starting by putting together some of the shows we already do under one moniker, Distilling Security. These include The Great Security Debate and MentorCore, a show I did with my lifelong friend Lisa Beth Lentini Walker from 2020-2022 (with a few “lost in the archives” episodes still coming in early 2024). A few brand-new shows are also on the horizon, with live events still being planned. We are excited to expand the voices and come into new mediums.

Starting today, you can subscribe to and find all the past Great Security Debate and MentorCore episodes here on this website, as well as on their respective YouTube channels and in your favourite podcast applications.

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