The Downfall of All Security (Sales)

It’s not easy to sell things. It’s even harder to sell to security practitioners and leaders. The Great Security Debate this week covers some angles in security tools (and selling those tools to security teams) that have taken their toll on the trust that needs to exist between those who buy and those who make the products that we use. From the software providers to the VAR (resellers) in the middle to the people and techniques used to market and sell the solutions. Some of the key topics of the discussion include:

  • The challenges of security tool consolidation by non-security vendors
  • Security is not a lock-in tool, and security is not an upsell tool
  • Pushing changes to products without telling the customers before they happen or letting those customers have control over the change (and if they take it or not)
  • Security Selling with VARs & Deal Registration
  • What are the motivators when a product is recommended to you
  • You can still buy direct (and why you might want to)
  • The challenge of selling into the SMB
  • The power of the “vouch” that flies in the face of some sales methods
  • The importance of being genuine in sales communications (aka knock off the programmatic drip campaigns that pretend to be personal)

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