Spoiler Alert: Leave the World Behind

Join Dan, Brian, and Erik in the latest episode of The Great Security Debate as they explore the impact and implications of the movie ‘Leave the World Behind.’ Delving into cyber security, societal impacts of technology, and philosophical elements, this discussion touches upon vulnerability management, risk management, and the effect of constant connectivity on modern life. Tune in to hear not only their analysis of the film but also personal reflections on communication, societal changes, and practical steps for improving individual security resilience. This episode also marks the exciting announcement of the Great Security Debate becoming a part of the Distilling Security network. Don’t miss out!

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Show Notes:


Editor note: This episode was recorded in the final days of 2023… but was lost to technology demons until now. One of those demons made it necessary to show the Zoom screen rather than our usual edited video cast. Sorry for the inconvenience and pain on your eyes.

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