Jess and Jeff Invade

Welcome to a very special Great Security Debate. If it is spring, it means that the annual Forrester “Top Recommendations For Your Security Program” report has come out, and we get to visit with one of the authors, Jess Burn. But this year, we get an added extra voice in that of Jess’ Forrester colleague Jeff Pollard. Both Jess and Jeff share a ton of insight on topics from that report and a few others (see the links below for blog posts about most of them)

In this episode we cover:

  • How (if) CISOs have been able to become “part of the business” and help colleagues understand that in 2023 security is business.
  • Board reporting by CISOs and CIOs and where/how we succeed and fail.
  • Talent shortages in infosec: a self-created nightmare?
  • Consolidation in times of austerity: right or wrong for security?

Huge thanks to Jess and Jeff for joining (find their LinkedIn and Twitter in the links section). Even though Jess is legacy, we are pretty sure that Jeff will be welcomed back in 2024 with open arms.

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Special Guest: Jessica Burn.

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