Back to Normal?

The Great Security Debate Book Club is in FULL force this week as we talk about life after you’ve gotten the job in information security and are looking for the growth and promotion that come as you grow your career.

Check out the show notes on our website to get links to all the books, articles, and references we discuss up through the show.

A mere appetiser sized sampling of the topics we cover in this hour include:

  • What does it mean to “return to normal” in work in 2023?
  • How do you grow in your role once you are in the Infosec field?
  • The “old-man” perspective on entitlement in growing within jobs
  • What approaches work (and don’t work) when asking for promotions, raises, new roles, within your organisation
  • Conversely, how to approach getting responsibilities added with out getting additional compensation
  • Using the word “I” vs “We” when talking about a job and your team
  • What to consider the factors and risks outside the office when looking at role and organisational growth
  • The importance of knowing the difference between what you want to say vs how it will be received when read by the recipient
  • What do you do when you find yourself as (or think you are) the smartest person in the room?
  • What resources can people use to get ready for their next growth step at work?
  • How can networking and mentoring be valuable to find the next position?

Since it came up a few times in the show, remember that not every securty career path ends with becoming a CISO, or nor should we expect that everyone in infosec wants to become a CISO!

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