A Niche Inside a Niche Is Really Just a Quiche

Welcome to the year-end 2022 episode of The Great Security Debate.

In this hour, Brian, Erik, and Dan cover myriad ways hiring processes are failing job seekers and hiring organisations. It all kicked off with the impersonal nature of automated 1-way video interviews. It quickly jumped into the myriad of other ways we can do better on both sides, including (but not limited to):

  • Do video interviews encourage fraud? Multiple jobs for one person? A fake version of you applying for a job?
  • Why are hiring managers and HR using video interviews? Are there legitimate reasons?
  • Does the lack of ability to assess the candidate’s response to the interviewer’s response makes the interview less effective?
  • What is the impression left when a candidate is immediately rejected based on analytics and matching, not human interaction?
  • What’s the value of using your network around a broken applicant system? What do we lose by only depending on our networks for hiring?
  • How do these recorded methods exclude introverts and others that may not be camera comfortable in their presentation skills?
  • Can and should there be roles for people at higher levels that don’t include people management?
  • Is “AI” (term used in quotes on purpose) really the antithesis of diversity or inclusion?
  • How is connecting people to others and helping them expand their networks better than sending resumes to people you know?
  • In times of cash crunch, will hiring come from experienced people having been let go from roles, or hiring entry-level and ups killing them?

You’ll also get a few mentions of Buzzword Bingo; the shocking revelation that Brian works for a vendor; and Dan goes on a tirade about new software that does recording and analysis in Zoom meetings with and without permission. It’s another great debate!

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