No More Ads, No More Privacy Problem?

This week’s debate comes amid a combo platter of increased analytics leading to near-immediate contact when visiting a product’s website, along with more clarity from enforcement bodies about how they will approach their respective privacy legislation. One such fine was the Sephora CCPA matter in which California Attorney General levied a $1.2M fine on the company ([])

Listen in to hear Dan, Brian and Erik talk about:

  • Are privacy and shareholder value at odds? How does protecting the privacy of the consumer help shareholder value?
  • A reminder that security and privacy can serve as a business differentiator
  • How to deal with the reputation of a company being set by misleading headlines (and people not reading the actual article/detail)?
  • Does better privacy practices in companies lead to reduced data for sale on the illicit market?
  • Does just “saying no to data collection” by companies make for a better privacy posture?
  • How long should (vs. how long do) you hold onto data?
  • How will companies be judged in the future by how they manage data today?
  • Are ads themselves the source of all our problems?
  • Why does the push for more advertising to reduce costs increases the push for more data collection?

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