New Team, Who Dis?

We’ve all seen it (or been it): a new boss arrives at the company and quickly thereafter a bunch of their old colleagues get hired. It feels like they are getting the band back together at the new place. What does that say to the organisation about that leader? What does doing the opposite (pausing, growing from within) say differently? Brian, Dan and Erik discuss, debate and dissect this from a few angles, including some of the following:

  • The power of threes: Three paths when you come in as a new leader: bring your own, nurture within, hire all new. And the three arcs of a company – startup/scrappy , growth/maturation, steady/run.
  • Two critical skills we wish we were taught in school and earlier in work: communications and public speaking
  • The impacts on culture on leadership and how they approach the staffing question, and how you bring people in will be the biggest impact on the culture of the organisation
  • How can metrics hide the actual performance of the team?
  • Are the CISO retention numbers as bad as the urban myth ? Are CISOs staying longer than we think they are?
  • What organisational situations drive leaders to resort to bringing in the people they know and trust vs. Trusting those already there?
  • How does growth by acquisition change the way we approach the listening and staffing of our teams and supporting our organisations?
  • Approaches to finding people to provide new perspectives, without having already worked with them directly?
  • How does geographic culture affect the decision on how to staff your team as a new leader in an organisation?

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