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Are we getting subscription overload? The move to more and more subscriptions is good for those selling, but are they good for those buying, too?

  • Do subscriptions offset by other non-cash costs (e.g. data collection, advertising) reduce subscription fatigue? How does that fit into the security product world? What are the risks of making security technology only for those that can’t afford it? Why are the ad-supported versions more heavily marketed than the no-ad versions?
  • How do subscriptions encourage continuous development of software and features? What about innovation?
  • What’s a persistent feature, and what can be revoked or shifted into a different subscription tier (take a look at Slack’s recent move to make the free tier way less valuable and encourage the need to move to a paid tier)
  • Do the combinatoric vastness of features that can go on and off based on the subscriptions you buy introduce an unnecessary or unsafe risk of not working well together in specific combos?
  • What are the legalities of jailbreaking your software rather than paying to activate it by subscription? How does doing so affect the liability and effectiveness of the product?

We also talk about some things unrelated to subscriptions (and cars)!

  • What is needed to adapt your communications (and subscription sales pitch) to VC/PE vs the CIO/CISO at a company? East coast vs west coast? Etc.
  • Tips for job candidates on looking for public info on what a company thinks is important from security and risk (hint: it’s SEC filings like the 8-K and 10-K!)

Tune in to delight as Dan rants in Yiddish and then mess up the name of some of the most popular movies of our time. Enjoy seeing (or hearing) Erik get on a soapbox stumping for Sig Sigma. Binge on Brian talking about automotive manufacturing (who knew) and for once not be broadcasting from a “train station”.

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