Fake It Till You Make It?

It’s the dog days of summer here in the northern hemisphere, and we have some episodes to make the hot, muggy days go by faster (or the drive up to the cabin in the woods to escape it all).

This week Dan, Brian and Erik talk about what it takes to be a Virtual or Fractional CISO. Does someone that calls themselves one need to have had in-house CISO experience to do the job? Or do the fresh perspectives of someone that doesn’t come with history benefit the organisation in a different way? Risks, challenges, and talking to Boards of Directors definitely have a strong place in the debate (and we hit on all of them)

We will be back with more episodes through August and then back to our usual bi-weekly pace as we hit the autumn.

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If you’re watching on YouTube, we are very sorry for the video sync issues this week! The sound is great, but one of our hosts does a very poor Milli Vanilli impression. We are writing up the root cause analysis documents and issuing CAPAs to keep it from happening agai

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