Laws and Regs

The Great Security Debate rolls on, this week looking at how governments, regulations and business values are and will shape the security posture of enterprises.

  • Is attribution worth pursuing to the end?
  • How can state and federal law enforcement help figure out who and what happened after an incident?
  • Fast (agile) vs good (quality) vs cheap (cost)
  • Are you chasing the right metrics in your organisation? Do they encourage the right behaviour?
  • Is regulation required to make good security a greater market force?
  • What will the regulations emerging in the US focus on? The “what”, the “why”, the “how”, or the “who”? How will they change when and how companies report material breaches?
  • How does attribution of attack correlate to insurance coverage? How do IR firms fit into the equation?

Erik, Dan and Brian also announce that the podcast is going LIVE and On the road. On May 5, Great Security Debate will be recording a live episode at the MCWT Executive Connection Summit in Novi, Michigan! More info and registration details are at Ticket sales begin on 18 April 2022.

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