How Do You Sleep At Night?

Current global events have led to increased focus on technology security. In this week’s episode we debate to what extent this does or will confirm the rise of the information security roles within organisations. Our thoughts and good wishes go out to the people of Ukraine.

  • Do current events confirm that the rise of the CISO organisation was warranted?
  • How do CISOs sleep at night considering everything going on?
  • How to reply to the question “what else should we be doing?”
  • Are the attacks the primary objective or are they a smokescreen?
  • How does the game of chess tie into to information security practises?
  • What is the CISOs role in reducing FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)?
  • Will current information it pay for acts of war? Does it raise our collective stature?
  • Why is humility so important in the information security world?

The underlying message is that while it is late in the process now to do all the steps to protect your organisation, it’s never too late to get started!

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