Sweet or Suite?

It’s a sports analogy-filled episode of The Great Security Debate, but don’t let that scare you away. This week, we cover a whole host of topics, primarily focused on the ideas of simple vs. complex and best-of-breed vs. tightly integrated when dealing with technology, change, process or securing your environment.

  • Pace of change in security is ridiculous right now
  • How does reducing complexity and technical debt improve security and technology?
  • (Said differently: simplicity is the heart of good security)
  • Tech is nothing without process or people (see Episode 29 – People Process and Product)
  • Can security vendors be everything to everyone? In what environments do “suites” give better security balance than “best of breed”?
  • What are the risks and benefits of a set of suite technologies vs. best of breed?
  • How does securing your organisation parallel with American Football?
  • What’s changing in how we buy technology (and security technology)? Shorter contracts, even if it means less “savings”?
  • Should we invest in security technology heavily up front to win one battle at all costs, or plan for the long-term war?

Note that all American Football references were to games that had not yet been played at the time of recording. Congratulations, University of Michigan Wolverines on winning the Big Ten championship later that evening.

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