Stop, Collaborate and Pivot

Over the past 18 months, the way we work has changed including within the security field. On this episode of The Great Security Debate, Dan, Brian and Erik dig into some of the long-term implications of working today and beyond.

  • From remote work to in-person or hybrid : what works best?
  • Does security have a talent shortage, and how is it exacerbated by leadership issues?
  • Was innovation and productivity stifled during COVID by remote work?
  • How to build strong remote teams and learning from the history of global remote teams?
  • Does remote work help or hurt the chances for smaller orgs to get good talent?
  • Is money the biggest driver for people in work? How does mission and team comfort play in?
  • Can we change culture of long-standing in-person culture enough to support remote/hybrid work?
  • Which is better to look at, certifications or experience?
  • What role does influence play in leadership and innovation, especially in non-management roles?

This episode is available in both audio and video formats. The video edition is on our YouTube channel along with a growing collection of video from previous episodes.

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