It All Comes Down to Relationships (Guest Debater: Jessica Burn)

We open season 2 with a new format: guests! Our first guest, Jessica Burn, has been working closely with CISOs and the security industry at Forrester where she is a Senior Analyst covering the role of the CISO, Incident Response, Zero Trust Strategy and Continuous Controls Monitoring.

Dan, Erik, Brian and Jess use a new Forrester report about recommendations for security programs in 2021 as the basis for the discussion (and debate), including a few major themes:

  • The impacts of the consolidation of technology, both in security and the wider tech arena
  • Balancing the monitoring and the privacy when tracking employees as they work remotely as a result of the pandemic
  • Securing what you sell both because you need to, but also because it is good for your business
  • Where are our inventories and why do we still generally fail at knowing what systems we have
  • Of course, third party risk management. It’s a mandatory “slide 3” on every board presentation, of course.

We still debate, we still discuss, we still shift the discussion to automotive and manufacturing from time to time, but now we have some additional voices to add to the debate, too. Thanks so much, Jess!

Special Guest: Jessica Burn.

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