Episode 8: Marcy Twete

This week we welcome Marcy Tweet, CEO of Marcy Twete Consulting and the host of the Table Stakes Podcast. Marcy spent her time with us speaking about ESG and its evolving role within organisations:

  • What’s changed in the world of ESG since it became a focus until now?
  • What is the real responsibility of a corporation? Why does it exist?
  • What does ESG have in common with security, privacy, and compliance?
  • Can an ESG investment strategy bring good returns?
  • What’s the role of transparency in ESG? How about data? How do investors
  • Who does ESG better, public companies or private?
  • Can the barrier to entry of doing ESG early in a business’ life hamper its growth?

And without fail, we asked Marcy what the most valuable advice she has received from a mentor.

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Special Guest: Marcy Twete.