Episode 7: Mallory Narang

This week we welcome Mallory Narang, Technical Program Manager and Manager Privacy Technology for Amazon Web Services. Mallory has brought a focus on automation of large volumes of repeatable privacy operations as a way to both ensure they are done consistently as well as to allow her team to have the time to focus on the subset that are unique, unusual or outliers.

In our discussion with Mallory we talk about:

  • The reasons for and value of automating processes to improve efficiency
  • Being a lawyer and a technologist – how does being one affect how you do the other?
  • Upskilling, curiosity and finding the information you need to learn new things
  • Kanban your work and your life to improve efficiency

And, of course, we ask about the most valuable advice that Mallory has received from a mentor

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Thanks for Listening!

Special Guest: Mallory Narang.