Episode 31: Kelly Willenberg

MentorCore – Kelly Willenberg

This week we welcome Kelly Willenberg (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelly-willenberg-04418a6 ) to the show. Kelly is a clinical oncology nurse, clinical trials nurse, and billing compliance expert. Kelly is the founder of Kelly Willenberg and Associates https://kellywillenberg.com.

In this episode we chat with Kelly about how her role as a clinician helped her be a better compliance professional, along with a host of other topics:

  • What are the benefits and risks of entering a role without experience?
  • How does working in clinical trials and as a nurse affect one’s perspective on compliance?
  • What is the right balance between gaining experience in preparation for a role vs jumping in and doing it in the role itself?
  • How can consideration for what led to something help better understand reasons for compliance?
  • How does life experience and mentoring add to the in-job experience in preparing you for a role?
  • How to maintain wellness in a state of being “always on” and the value of stepping away from the screen?
  • What’s exciting and what’s on tap from the next generation of compliance professionals as they continue to grow in the field?
  • Why is it important to deeply connect with people beyond the superficial layer?

Stay tuned to find out how being a Disc Jockey helped Kelly’s compliance career, along with the best advice she ever received from a mentor.

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Special Guest: Kelly Willenberg.