Episode 29: Liz Dunshee

We are very excited to be joined this week by Liz Dunshee, Managing Editor at CCR Corp., publishers of a wide array of media on the corporate compliance field.

Liz’s background in Securities Law Compliance & Corporate Governance and current role in publishing on the topic focuses on what should and does rise to the level of board involvement, ensure that the board is set up right. A product of parents that were business owners and auditors, this career path was almost inevitable!

In the episode, we chat with Liz on:

  • When and how did the huge increase in touchpoints of the board of directors with new areas like information security, ESG, and other topics become such a hot topic?
  • How can an organisation get started with this dramatic increase in focus expected of boards today?
  • What experience was valuable in making the shift from practitioner to the editing/publishing of topical content part of Liz’s role, and what is recommended for practitioners to work on if they want to make such a pivot?
  • What does Liz find exciting in the corporate governance field right now?

We also get to hear the best advice that Liz has ever gotten from a mentor – and it’s some great advice (actually a couple pieces of advice)!

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Thanks for Listening!

Special Guest: Liz Dunshee.