Episode 23: Hussein Syed

Hussein Syed is our guest on MentorCore this week. Hussein is the CISO at RWJBarnabas Health and regular participant on the well-attended Clubhouse weekly Fireside Chat. And this week, he chats with Dan while Lisa is on assignment.

As a long-practising CISO, Hussein has vast experience in many different epochs over the growth of information security. As part of our chat we cover:

  • What has changed over the past de cades about how people need to think about security to be successful at getting security into their organisations?
  • Is the technology path one that can still lead to the CISO role, or has it become fully business-oriented?
  • What are the pros and cons of coming into information security today with lots of experience? What about with little/no experience?
  • Is the CISO role terminal? Can a CISO successfully move beyond the role into other business functions?
  • Balancing life and work himself and his team?

Once again, the CISO Mind Map by Rafeeq Rehman comes up, and we get to learn the best advice Hussein has even gotten from a mentor.

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Thanks for Listening!

Special Guest: Hussein Syed.