Episode 21: Melanie Sponholz

Welcome to MentorCore, Melanie Sponholz. Melanie is the Chief Compliance Officer for WCP Healthcare at Waud Capital Partners. Melanie also teaches at Fordham Law. The world of compliance and the world of private equity are fascinating and in our discussion with Melanie we get to learn about how they intersect, the value that comes from that intersection and how compliance can be taught to others by practitioners.

Check out this episode for specific details on:

  • How does activity on compliance (and security and privacy) affect value when done by those seeking investment from PE?
  • How do deal structures change as a result of lack of compliance?
  • What should people do to prepare to come into a compliance role within Private Equity? What are some of the experiences like?
  • What does teaching in addition to work bring to a compliance professional? How does it benefit the field?
  • How does adding teaching onto the day job aid or hinder the quest for balance and wellbeing in one’s life? How can we deal with the results?

And of course the best advice that Melanie has ever received from a mentor (and actually she shares two!)

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Special Guest: Melanie Sponholz.