Episode 18: Jonathan Feldman

Say hello to Jonathan Feldman, CIO for the City of Asheville, North Carolina, our guest this week on MentorCore. A seasoned leader in both the public and private sector, Jonathan, Lisa Beth, and Dan dive into a myriad of topics that range from working in a public organisation to the view of the "guardian" professions in the eyes of the CIO.

  • Information Security in public service. How do public service organisations compete to bring in and retain security (and all) talent to serve their constituency?
  • What can we tell people making their next steps on how to be attractive for roles in the government sector?
  • What are the critical skills that need to be cultivated in the next generation of leaders?
  • Is there a path from security into broader IT leadership and what’s needed to get there from here?
  • The need for partnership in security, technology and all other roles.

And we end, as always, with the best advice Jonathan has ever received from a mentor – and this one will make you go “Oohl!” (as it made Dan do during recording).

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Special Guest: Jonathan Feldman.