Episode 17: Ami Barnard Bahn

This we welcome Amii Barnard Bahn, Founder and CEO of Barnard-Bahn Coaching to MentorCore. We have got a great episode this week!

Amii has had an amazing and diverse career including stints in Human Resources, Legal and Compliance & Ethics. She now coaches executives and teams on career growth, culture and more. We talk about a number of these in the episode, including these topics (and more):

  • What "promotability" factors exist that may facilitate (or hinder) executives in moving up in the organisation
  • How to approach self-awareness in someone when discussing their growth potential in an organisation
  • What factors make someone coachable and able to accept necessary feedback?
  • How can someone get the feedback they are after but don't think they are getting from leaders or colleagues?
  • What does "getting stuck" within an organisation look like to an employee? What are common blindspots that people have when noticing that they have gotten stuck?

And, as we do each week, we find out the best advice Amii has ever received from a mentor.

Check out Amii's Promotabilty Index on her website https://www.barnardbahn.com

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Thanks for Listening!

Special Guest: Amii Barnard-Bahn.