Episode 10: Samantha Simms

We are back with another MentorCore. This week we are joined by Samantha Simms, CEO of The Information Collective. Samantha is back with us to talk about the things she has learned while changing location and moving her business along with her. In this episode we talk about things including:

  • Getting started in business in a new location
  • Physical presence is important to relationship building
  • Getting to know the right people
  • Your reputation and achievements in one location aren’t necessarily portable to another geography
  • Adapting your business style based on the culture of the geography you are doing business in at that moment
  • Maintaining wellbeing when establishing yourself or your business in a new location
  • Keeping the motivation to keep your operational system going after the initial excitement wears off
    And we get another round of insight on the most valuable advice that Samantha has gotten from a mentor. Enjoy the episode!

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Special Guest: Samantha Simms.